Westport Center for Mindfulness & Psychotherapy

The Westport Center for Mindfulness and Psychotherapy

Our Mission

The Westport Center for Mindfulness and Psychotherapy was founded by Dr. Kim Oliver and Dr. Randi Roth to provide a unique mental health and wellness center in Fairfield County.  Our mission is to offer superior clinical services for a range of issues including depression, anxiety, eating disorders, substance abuse, emotional dysregulation, ADHD, marital issues and, divorce within an atmosphere of compassion.

Our clinical approach combines mindfulness informed therapies (based on Buddhist psychology and the latest neuroscience) with psychodynamic and systemic perspectives.   Neuroscientists are continuing to study how the cultivation of mindfulness practices changes the brain leading to exciting developments in our understanding of the human experience.  Mindfulness training offers the opportunity for us to better understand our emotions and to engage the world with intention, awareness, wisdom and compassion.

By integrating traditional and mindfulness informed therapeutic perspectives we are able to create flexible treatment plans which address the particular issues that bring individuals couples and families into therapy while simultaneously helping them develop skills to live richer, more fulfilling lives.

As clinicians, we aim to embody the qualities of mindfulness in our work – facilitating our clients’ awareness and compassion for themselves and others.  We believe the therapeutic relationship is central to engaging both mind and heart in the transformational process of effective and meaningful psychotherapy.


Our Team

Dr. Kim Oliver and Dr. Randi Roth are the Co-founder/Directors of The Westport Center for Mindfulness and Psychotherapy.  Both have more than two decades of experience in private practice, helping adults, adolescents, children, couples and families.  Over the eight years they have worked together, they have become trusted colleagues and friends who share great passion for their work. Their common interest in incorporating Eastern and Western psychology evolved into a shared vision for The Westport Center for Mindfulness & Psychotherapy.

Kim Oliver and Randi Roth - Our Team

Contact Us

The Westport Center for Mindfulness and Psychotherapy

3 Sylvan Road

South Westport, CT 06880

Dr. Randi Roth 203-227-9700

Dr. Kim Oliver 203-222-0746


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