Couples Therapy – Dr. Oliver


Dr. Oliver works with highly motivated, committed couples who wish to improve or save their marriages.  Her approach with couples is informed by Emotionally Focused Therapy and Gottman’s Sound Relationship House Approach.  She works collaboratively with couples to improve their marriages by developing the interpersonal and emotional regulation skills necessary to increase empathy, soften the “tone” and facilitate warmth and communication.  Couples are guided to stay connected even during times of stress.  The skills involved in “turning toward” as opposed to  “turning away” are available to all couples and these skills can be learned.  Dr. Oliver encourages couples to prioritize and nurture the marital bond while they are raising children. A strong, compassionate marital bond will permeate every aspect of family life and will strengthen the marriage and the family.

Dr. Oliver also has specialized training and expertise in helping people who are experiencing betrayal trauma due to their spouse or partner’s pornography use, sexual addiction or infidelity.  Helping partners who have discovered that the person they most trust has been unfaithful or is acting out sexually in a compulsive way requires a therapist with specific skills, training and understanding.