Couples Therapy – Dr. Randi Roth

Couples Therapy

Couples Therapy

Couples come to therapy for a variety of reasons.  Often, they come after years of strife and entrenched conflict.  There may have been infidelity or ongoing disagreement regarding parenting and families of origin.  Some couples come for fine- tuning, to improve communication and enhance satisfaction in their relationship.

Dr. Roth integrates psychodynamic understanding with the Attachment- oriented theory and structure of Emotionally Focused Therapy.  She brings in the Gottman Sound House Theory and Imago Theory and tailors treatment to each unique couple.   All of these theories emphasize the need for partners to hear and mirror the feelings expressed by their partner, validate their partner and develop the capacity for empathic care and concern.

Helping partners understand that much of what has been hurtful in the past has come from a place of unmet need and vulnerability facilitates the growth and development of mutual empathy.   Without empathy, relationships are unable to thrive and be mutually satisfying.

Couples treatment must address the patterns established in the marriage as well as the destructive cycle of escalating negative emotions that is based upon unmet emotional needs.  Negative emotions lead couples to fixed perceptions of each other, making it difficult for new patterns to emerge without the help of a skilled couples therapist.  Dr. Roth helps couples to identify this cycle, understand the underlying early wounds and supports the couple in the establishment of mutual empathy. She helps them to build on their individual and collective strengths so that they can build and sustain a rewarding and loving marriage.

When couples decide that they cannot stay together, Dr. Roth is committed to helping them separate in a dignified, respectful manner.  It serves neither party well to destroy the other and it is crucial that this be done with integrity if there are children involved.   Dr. Roth can guide couples through the divorce process in a way that puts their children first and maintains the children’s sense of security with each parent.   This is the most delicate and important work because it will impact each child’s development significantly.  Dr. Roth has experience in Collaborative Divorce Coaching in CT and NY and does presentations, support groups and workshops with Vicki Volper, J.D. and Nicole Feuer of Start Over Smart.  We have a referral network of trusted mediators, collaborative attorneys and financial planners who are committed to the non-adversarial approach to divorce.