Fees & Policies

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The fees listed are for incoming patients as of January 1, 2014.

  • $275 per 45-minute individual session.
  • $350 per 60-minute therapy session, assessment or initial consultation.
  • $400 per 75-minute family or couples session.
  • $100 per 75-minute group session.
  • $275 per 45-minute assessment for entry to group if not an established patient.
  • $150 per 2 hour MB-EAT group session

Payment & Insurance

Cash, check or credit cards are accepted for payment, which is expected at the time of service. You will receive a receipt for services at each session which provides the information needed to submit a claim if you are covered by your health insurance or employee benefit plan.

The Westport Center for Mindfulness and Psychotherapy is operated as a fee for service practice as opposed to an insurance-driven one.  This has allowed us to provide the best possible individualized care for patients focused on patient needs and not on the needs and dictates of an insurance carrier. Managed health insurance plans require ongoing paperwork, phone calls and continual justification for therapy.  Insurance company demands and their interference in the relationship between doctor and patient are not conducive to your privacy or to successful psychotherapy in our view.

Since we do not belong to managed-care plans or contract with insurance carriers fees for therapy are expected at the time of service.  If you desire reimbursement from an insurance company and have out-of-network mental health benefits you may submit paid invoices to your carrier under the terms of your contract with them.  You will be provided with a receipt for this purpose.

Cancellation Policy

If you do not keep your scheduled appointment, and you have not cancelled the appointment a full 48 hours in advance, you will be required to pay the full cost of the missed session.

Please call for information in regards to special cancellation policies for group therapy.


Questions? Please call Dr. Roth at (203) 227-9700 or Dr. Oliver (203) 222-0746.